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Levels of Play


Players may have previous experience or may be new to the game. While this is a competitive league with standings and play-offs etc., the main goal at this level is to get out and have some fun. This is a great place to learn the game and begin to develop fundamental skills. Any refereeing at this level will be focused primarily on keeping players safe (i.e. out of the net). If you find yourself expecting 'cleaner' play from your opponents then Intermediate may be a better choice for you. 

Intermediate (B)

Players at this level are likely to have some previous experience on organized teams. Players will be expected to have the basic fundamental skills in place and to be able to demonstrate them with some degree of consistency.

  • all 3 available contacts are utilized most of the time
  • passing is directed to a setter but not always accurately
  • hand sets are not often double hit
  • bump sets will be to the intended hitter but not necessarily to the hitters' desired target
  • hits are generally in, but not necessarily powerful or precise (more like roll shots)
  • Players usually overhand serve with some control, and while typically getting the ball in play, still make errors when attempting to do so with power
  • Designated setters are now being used, but they almost exclusively come from the front line
  • players will tend to stay in their designated positions during the entire course of a play
  • blockers and hitters understand the basic mechanics for approaches but their execution may be improperly timed
  • Play is more consistent but frequently there are breakdowns in terms of power and control

Upper Intermediate (BB)

Players at this level usually have significant previous experience in competitive leagues and weekend tournaments and display strong individual and team skills. Play is skilled, but needs to improve in consistency. Players may specialize in certain positions and teams almost exclusively play within a 6-2 / 5-1 scheme. 

  • players in this level will have a consistent overhand serve and will likely be able to target a specific position on the defensive side, some players will jump serve
  • most attacks are hit downward with power & landing generally in the back third of the court. Periodically, roll shots and dinks are also utilized
  • passing will generally be controlled and 'settable'
  • the majority of hand sets will be clean and some setters will have the ability to reliably accommodate a hitters preferences
  • blockers will be better at coordinating their timing relative to the hitter and will be trying to take away a particular angle

Everybody here knows the game well and sees the whole court in order to execute plays.

Advanced (A)

CONSISTENCY is key in players with skills at A and above.

Players at this level can execute all the skills and techniques that an upper-intermediate player can, but with power, speed and accuracy all the time. Players will all know where they should be on the court. Teams exclusively run a 6-2 / 5-1 scheme. Players will be able to do the following with a high percentage of success.

  • serve with power, control, and placement; many while jumping
  • cleanly pass and set to a target
  • Hand sets will be clean and setters will be able to accommodate hitters preferences
  • hit 1's and other attacks (roll shots, dinks, etc.) with the ability to alter direction, depth and speed, as well as execute crosses and slides with ease
  • double block with proper timing and closure

Open (O)

Players at this level can do everything that the Advanced players can do, but better.

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